It all started when two sisters were forced to share a bedroom growing up. Saturdays were spent rearranging and decorating that cozy room with the dormers, pink carpet and huge dollhouse. It was during that time that two truths were discovered: that both shared a love of making spaces beautiful and that having a sister is the most beautiful blessing heaven could hand down.

Fast forward a few years and a few life experiences later and after lots of encouragement from friends and family, the two sisters decided to embark on a journey of faith. Thus EMBELLISH was born.

A little bit about Jennifer and Rebecca, the sisters who make up the Embellish team:

Jennifer is a wife and mama of two girls. They live in a 1920’s craftsman style cottage with a white porch swing in a quaint little town in the Shenandoah Valley.

Rebecca is a wife and mama of four. Her family lives in a hill top Cape Cod that belonged to their grandparents.

The drive between the sisters’ houses is four minutes, which is too long some days.

If you’re a loyal Embellish fan, you may notice we have a new look. We chose to incorporate a peacock feather for a couple of reasons. First, it’s nostalgic. We have fond memories of our great grandfather’s farm where peacocks roamed the field and chased us when we went out to look at them. Second, the peacock reminds us that our Creator is an amazing artist who chose to make beautiful things for us to enjoy. We like to think we have that same creative spirit in us and we find joy in making our world (and yours) a little more beautiful.

7 Responses to About Us

  1. I love you story sisters! You both are beautiful and so is your talent and gift that you give others through design by serving the Lord! Thank you for using your gift!!

  2. Eileen Bennett says:

    Rebecca (I knew you as Becky) and Jennifer-
    I am blown away by what I see on this site and to think I knew you way back when. How awesome the two of you work so well together that you can create these amazing ideas and help others to do it. Congratulations on your happy story, families and successful business.
    Blessing, grace and peace to you from a sister in Christ.

    • Rebecca Wright says:

      Thank you for your sweet comment, Eileen! We absolutely love working together and this little business is a dream come true! We’re excited for what’s in store for us. Hope you and your beautiful family are doing well. Your grandbabies are so cute! 🙂

  3. Rebecca and Jennifer,

    It was so nice to meet the two of you when you came by to look at the treasures my mother-in-law has been collecting all these years. Your story is so interesting. You have been blessed with the ability to see something beautiful in something others may look at as plain or of no interest. What a great ministry! May we all have that spirit of seeing the beauty in each other as we were created to be!

    • Jennifer Hildebrand says:

      It was a pleasure to meet you, Steve! Thank you for your kind words- it’s so nice to hear that others find meaning in what we do. It really is so much more than just “decorating!”

      • Rebecca Wright says:

        Steve, it was wonderful meeting you! Samuel has been playing with his little record player today. 🙂 Thank you for taking the time to send us a note–

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